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Moving houses? Are you covered by insurance?

We found that many Australians when moving are under the impression that their property is covered by their home and contents insurance policy, or that the removalist’s own insurance should cover any damage.

Unfortunately, this is not the situation in either case. 

Some household policies may cover the contents for restricted defined perils during transit or storage, but generally, they do not cover loss or damage resulting from an unforeseen accidental incident or arising out of loading/unloading from a vehicle.

As for the removalist’s own insurance covering damage, this is simply impossible, as no policy is designed to cover the goods of a third party, unless a full policy document is prepared and accepted by the insurer, and agreed to by the person taking the insurance policy.

So beware when somebody is claiming that they are fully insured, especially if you are talking to a small or a budget operator. In most circumstances at best, your removalist would have commercial Carriers Liability and Public Liability policies.

These policies are designed for the protection of the Removal Company against their legal liability to pay compensation for loss or damage to goods in the event the Company has been deemed negligent.

If the Company is not negligent or the loss or damage was outside the control of the Company, these policies would not respond to any claim for loss or damage to your goods.

Moreover, any claims paid under this basis are limited to the items’ indemnity or depreciated value, taking into consideration allowances for usage, age, wear and tear.

However, this is not a reason to worry. Robina Removals, being a fully accredited AFRA member, under the Financial Services Reform ACT (FSRA) can arrange the correct Customer Goods and Transit and Storage insurance under their licence.

Why should you consider taking out Customer Goods in Transit and Storage insurance?

Despite all the care and expertise in the world, accidents can happen. Moving houses involves many circumstances that are outside of removalists’ control, which may contribute to a loss or damage. Such events would not be covered by the removalist’s own insurance.

To avoid any prolonged disputes with negligent third parties and for your peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you insure your valuable household goods under Customer Goods in Transit and Storage insurance.

Our policy is very flexible and you can tailor it to your specific circumstances and have the cost-effective insurance cover to protect your goods during transit or storage against an unexpected loss.


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