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Your Storage Options

Vacancy rates on the Gold Coast are the lowest they have ever been – only 0.5% of properties on the glitter strip are vacant at the moment. This means more and more residents are seeking both long- & short-term storage options. With demand being at an all-time high there are businesses that have and will continue, to take advantage of the situation, by offering inflated weekly costs & sub-par storage conditions. The key to choosing the right storage option for you is to do your research and understand the different types that exist.


Container – $$ to $$$

The first type of storage option we will look at is ‘container storage’. This type of storage option is better for those who are either: a) looking for long term storage, or b) looking to move goods long distances (i.e., overseas). Unlike other storage options, these storage containers will likely be able to be picked up by specialists freighting vehicles and taken directly to your new address where they can be unloaded.

There are a few things to consider if you elect to use a container: Will the container be in a secure, gated premises? If not does it have adequate safety & locking features that will ensure your goods are not touched? Is it vermin proof? Depending on where your container is, there is a whole variety of vermin & insects that could potentially contaminate your goods. A large variety of containers will have features in place that stop these creatures from getting inside. The same can be said for weatherproofing. Do not go with the cheapest option, as on most accounts the containers will not be fully sealed or water-resistant, and in the event of a downpour your goods will be drenched. Re-delivery of your storage container is also something to consider. Given that a specialist container vehicle will need to be used, this may add an additional cost.

Storage containers mostly come in 2-sizes: 20ft or 40ft. These options will vary from business to business, but overall will be similar. If your move is on the smaller side this may not be the most cost-effective option for you in the long run.

Removals Storage Facility – $ to $$

By far, your safest option when it comes to storage – short or long term – will be to seek out the services of a removalist who offers on-site storage. On most accounts this will mean that they can complete your move in & out of storage, streamlining the process drastically. Removalist storage facilities will likely offer comprehensive security, as not only is the business being protected but also yours & other customers goods. The best companies will have temperature-controlled storage areas that ensure any ‘fragile’ goods will not be damaged nor expand in the Australian humidity. Private removal’s on-site storage will also likely be closed to the public. This means that no one will be passing by or shifting your goods if they are in the way. Perhaps the largest pro of using a removals storage facility is that they are experts in their field. They know how to store furniture to minimise the chance of damages and can give guidance or even provide the re-delivery service – whether that be locally or interstate!

TIP: If possible, seek out a removals storage facility who is a member of AFRA – the Australian Furniture Removers Association. These businesses adhere to proportionately higher standards than their closest competitors who are not members, ensuring your goods are stored safely. As a member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) Robina Removals offers safe, secure, and comprehensive storage facilities – fully equipped with 24/7 security and advanced CCTV systems.

Self-Contained Storage – $ to $$

Your next option will be a self-contained storage shed. This storage option is arguably the most plentiful and you will have a broad array of brands to choose from, should you elect to go this route. One of the positives of self-contained storage is that you can come & go – grabbing goods as required. A self-contained storage unit will likely also mean your goods will be in an enclosed building. This will mean they are protected from the harshness of the heat, sun, rain & hail.

There are a few downsides to choosing self-contained storage though, and they are worthwhile taking stock of before choosing. The first will be the high likelihood of double handling and additional move out costs. Given that your goods will be moved into a facility that exist for the sheer purpose of storing, it is unlikely they will be able to offer any assistance when it comes to moving your items out. It will be up to you to seek out a suitable relocator to assist. In addition, the majority of storage facilities have strict operating hours, often booking out in advance. If you work full-time or are unsure of the exact dates you will be moving until closer to the day, this may pose a challenge to you.   

As we have discussed there are a broad array of options when it comes to choosing a storage option. Ultimately the decision will depend on key factors such as: how long you are wanting to store for, what you price sensitivity is and how much you’re looking to have in storage.

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