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With a fleet of 10 vehicles Robina Removals has your move covered, we offer local removals at both ends of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW and backload twice weekly to Sydney and Melbourne and all towns in between.

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What is Backloading?

When researching the most effective way to move a word that consistently pops up for most is ‘backloading’. To someone with little to no removals experience it conjures an image of your goods being loaded onto the very back of a truck as a last thought. It is the most cost-effective way to complete your move. Backloading itself is cheaper for a variety of reasons, but the central reason why it is less is because of the nature of the trip itself. Moves that are conducted by backloading can only take place when there is another move underway. That is, the truck would be completing another trip on the same route anyway. Because of this most removals companies can quote and complete these jobs at a lower rate. Backloading does not necessarily mean the service will be of a lower standard. Most removals companies will treat backloading jobs as they would any other job. The good ones will often carry additional wrapping blankets, boxes and wrapping to ensure your goods reach you safely.

Additionally, backloading may suit you if you are flexible about when you would like to move. Because trucks frequently complete the routes a company provides, this means they can provide their services at a more competitive rate as they are more frequent. You only will pay for the space you use on the truck. This is a much cheaper option than chartering a private truck who will most probably charge you either an hourly or daily rate. This can become very costly, particularly when moving across state borders. If you want your goods to be on their own in a truck, backloading may not be the option for you.

If this is something you are concerned about it is best to hire a removals company who is certified by an industry regulator such as the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Members of AFRA must follow stipulated rules as outlined by the association that ensure customer goods are kept safe. This minimizes any damage that may occur. Additionally, those who are AFRA members can also offer goods in transit insurance to give you even more security on a backload.

Backloading is beneficial regarding cost and time. Whilst it does not suit every situation, it is most often the most efficient and effective way to move goods great distances.