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Moving During Covid-19

Can I move houses?

At this stage you can move houses within your state without any restrictions – with the exclusion of certain areas in Melbourne. The removals industry is still considered to be an essential service. This means that – at the discretion of business owners – both local and interstate moves can be book and go ahead as planned. At the present time there are no cross-border restrictions on removals trucks, with the exemption of Western Australia, who require you to fulfil certain criteria for your move to take place. Be sure to stay updated by checking your state relevant travel and health websites as the situation is fast-changing.

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Do I need to self-isolate after my move?

As mentioned previously, due to the removals industry being considered an essential service, removals workers themselves are permitted to travel between states and across territory lines. The workers will not have to self-isolate at each destination due to the nature of their service. The same cannot be said for residents moving. Whilst residents in most cases are not exempt from self-isolation. For the majority who move interstate there will be a state government mandated isolation for the duration of 14 days in your home.

Should I clean all my furniture?

Regardless, of whether there is a health emergency or not it is still a smart idea to ensure all your furniture is clean. Ensuring that your furniture is free of dust and dirt, will guarantee that your new abode is not dirtied before you can even enjoy it! In the case of our current health crisis it is best to thoroughly clean furniture and surfaces with disinfectant sprays and wipes. We are still unsure as to how long Covid-19 cells can survive on surfaces and under what conditions they flourish. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. Providing disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer on the day of your move is also another way to ensure your
furniture stays as free of germs as possible. 

What if we go into complete lock down?

As a community we have seen the forced closure of licensed venues, dine-in cafes and restaurants, and any area where people can congregate (e.g. movies, concerts). As well as tighter restrictions on how, where and who we can associate with. The question hanging over everyone’s heads – even those who aren’t moving – is what will happen if we go into complete lock down. In all honesty it is hard to say. For those moving, the steps taken if lock down happens will be largely specific to the removals company you elect to use. Your best point of contact will be your removals company who should be able to help you reschedule and put your move on hold.

I’m concerned about mine and my family’s health and safety, who should I hire to complete my move? 

Ensuring you book a reputable removals company is paramount in tumultuous times such as these. It is understandable that people want to know how their family will be protected should they decide to move. The Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) has put in place strict industry regulations that its members must adhere to. These rules protect not only the removals workers on the job but also those they are moving. By booking with a certified AFRA member, you can be certain that strict health and safety guidelines are being followed.

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