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How to Master Unpacking After a Move

You have arrived at your new abode after the strenuous process that is moving houses. The dust has settled, and the removalists have left. Now it is time to start arguably the most time-consuming aspect of any moving – unpacking! To make the process easier on you have a read of the below tips and tricks to avoid a cluster of disorganisation and mess from forming.

Go Room by Room

This may seem like a difficult tip to follow. Like any move you will have a variety of boxes that have been delivered in no order into your home. So where do you even begin? The best bet is to unpack room by room. Start in the most central room – in most cases this will be the lounge room or kitchen – and work your way through from there. This process can be made much easier by some preparation prior to your relocation. To ensure you can unpack room by room invest time in labelling your boxes of belongings accurately. It will also help the process along if you are able to create an inventory list prior to your relocation. By making an inventory list – that goes room by room – you can ensure that there is no ‘accidental unpacking’ of belongings in rooms that it does not belong in.

Make a Floor Plan

A new house means a new floorplan and layout for your household items and furniture. One way to make sure that you unpack effectively is to pre-plan your new floorplan. By deciding upon a new floorplan, you can instruct the removalist to place heavy furniture particular places. By doing this you will save yourself time and the risk of injury occurring. Removalists are well-equipped and trained to move furniture into even the oddest of places. Robina Removals – with over 30 years’ experience in the industry – can tackle any furniture removal big or small.

Making a floorplan for your move will also make it easier to know where to put particular boxes on delivery and thus also where they will be unpacked. There is nothing worse than having all of the boxes for bedroom 1 put into bedroom 2 and you have to lug the contents to a completely separate area of the house! Taking the time to complete this process will also allow you to see which areas of the house are cluttered and which are perhaps too empty.

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Keep Your Tech Organised

These days our lives are controlled by the tech we own. As the list of tech-must-haves grows day by day our ability to store these items is hindered. I am sure we have all been there. You are looking for a particular charging cable or connector cord. You open the ‘tech box’ only for it to be a complete tumble-weedesque mess of tangled cords of varying lengths, shapes, purposes, and colours. Unpacking is your chance to undo your tech wrongs! Look at unpacking your tech in this new residence as a clean slate.

With regard to cables, as you unpack ensure that you are labelling what particular cords and pieces of equipment are for. It is often helpful to label these items with a coloured tape that potentially you can write and label on. With tech equipment ensure that you set it up with surge-protector plugs to avoid any damages during power surges, storms of power outages. Keep your areas clean my storing less-used tech equipment in clear boxes that stack evenly.

Unpack Essential Items

The most important tip for efficient unpacking is to unpack your essential items straight away. Essential items such as your toiletries, work clothes and medicines will be the most important things to unpack as you will be most likely to use them straight away. Avoid rummaging – and ultimately – messing up boxes by taking these essential items out first and setting them aside.

By following these steps you can ensure that your new abode will be a calm inducing environment that any guest will quickly become envious of.

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