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Gold Coast Housing Market

With the housing market being as volatile as ever it has become increasingly important for those looking to relocate, to keep an eye on property market trends. As the Gold Coast becomes one of Queensland’s premier places to live, more and more people are seeking to enter the already crowded market. Leading property experts insist that the once small coastal town will continue to experience large periods of infrastructural and employment growth within the next 10 years.

The rate of full-time employment has increased to 2.3% since 2019, meaning more people are capable of affording home loans. Due to the introduction of the First Homeowners grant, the market itself it is diversifying – with younger couples and singles entering the space at an unprecedented rate. A wave of baby boomers are moving from down south as well, seeking warmer temperatures. The median house price will increase in 2020 by 6% to $665 000, whilst unit prices will increase by 1.9%. For those seeking more short-term housing the median rental price for a house has remained at $560 per month.

Interest rates are at an all-time low – induced by the current CoVID-19 crisis – making this an opportune time for those able to purchase to enter the market. These rates will support the continued growth that the region has seen over the last 10 years. Not only will the market be bolstered by interest rates cut but also considerable infrastructure development in the form of public transport and commercial property. With construction starting in the early months of 2021 and completion expected at some stage in 2023, the Gold Coast will soon be fully connected through rail infrastructure from Brisbane CBD to Burleigh Heads. The expansion of the light rail will help to connect the more northbound suburbs of the Gold Coast with the beachside areas of the city.

Thankfully, because of the amount of people moving into the Gold Coast there is a plethora of removals companies to choose from. Should you or someone you know move to the Gold Coast you want to ensure you use a reputable and fully accredited removalist. This can be guaranteed by hiring a removals company who is AFRA accredited. Moving with a company who is a part of the Australians Furniture Removals Association will ensure your goods reach you in an efficient and safe manner.