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Clean Home Hacks to Keep Your New Abode Tidy

Moving into a new place can feel like a new start. The empty rooms and open space symbolise a clean slate in your homeowner or renter journey. Unfortunately, it does not stay glistening for long in most circumstances. Life gets in the way and suddenly tables and lounges are covered in items that are supposed to be in a completely different room. The importance of keeping a clean house is not to be understated. A recent study completed by found that the cleaner your house is the higher your level of happiness is. Having an organised house gives you time to focus on the more important things in life – like spending time with family. You’ll be more productive and positive within a clean and tidy space.

One thing you can do to keep your home organised is by looking at your wardrobe and distinguishing the most effective way of structuring it. We all have items that we reach for more than others. Perhaps there are some luxury clothing items you rarely wear but want to keep in pristine condition? Or maybe you have a pair of boots that are constantly covered in dirt that you don’t want anywhere near your other shoes. By allocating a space for your ‘high traffic’ ’items you will ensure you are not digging through lesser used clothes and throwing them into disarray. This will also guarantee that any items of value are not constantly being touched and thus potentially damaged.

Another effective way to organise your home is to tag electronic cables. There is nothing worse than peeking behind your TV and seeing an enormous tangle of cords. It’s a gargantuan task to even attempt to organise. You can avoid this though! When you move, utilize coloured electrical tape. It can be easily purchased at most hardware stores. Wrapping the start and ends of the cables will ensure an easy match up should you need to plug them in elsewhere in the house. Alternatively – if you’re more eco-conscious – use labelled bread clips. They come in various colours and are easily distinguishable much like the tape.

Empty walls can not only make a house look empty but are also an opportunity to organise your goods. Making use of wall space by using floating shelving units can modernize your home whilst simultaneously freeing up floor space. They are typically able to hold at least a few kilos of items. This might also be an opportunity to accesorise your abode by placing some statues or picture frames on the shelving.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. We have an over-flowing cupboard full of clothing. A way to keep things neat before you even complete your move is to do a ‘clothing cull’. Allocate a day or two to sit in your room and get rid of any clothing, accessories or footwear you haven’t work in the last 6 months. This will ensure that when you do move you aren’t taking items with you that won’t be used.

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