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The 5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Moving houses can feel overwhelming to say the least. Boxes are littering every corner of
your home, some of your belongings are packed and some aren’t, and some have just straight
up disappeared. It is, therefore, understandable that mistakes can be made in the flurry of a
relocation. Time and time again, people make the same fatal miscalculations that end with a
variety of damage to both their goods and themselves in the hurried process. Make sure to
avoid the following mistakes during your move.

No Order!
Any experienced ‘house mover’ will tell you that the most important aspect to consider during
any relocation is the order of your items. You may be moving a great deal of items and it is
therefore understandable that the task of organising them all into particular boxes can feel
like a gargantuan one. The best way to ensure that you arrive at your new address with
everything in order is to make a comprehensive packing inventory and/or list. In addition, you
will benefit greatly from labelling boxes for particular items and writing the contents of each
category down on your inventory list. It’s been proven that having a checklist of some sort
will make you infinitely more organised and will actually improve your ability to deal with
stressful situations – such as moving house!

An Overhead View Of A Male Movers Unloading The Cardboard Boxes Form Truck On Street

Running out of money is never a good feeling, especially during an expensive period such as
moving houses. You have enough things to pay for during this time, so you want to avoid
paying avoidable expenses at all costs. The main way you can avoid this is by FULLY
understanding your budget limitations. Set out your minimum and maximum spending
amount before moving forward. But how do you stay within budget? Well, it may be useful
to ask for recommendations from family and friends. But the most effective way to find out
your financial constraints is by doing research. If you are able to, garner quotes and rates from
various removals in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask if companies will price match. Most
importantly, if you feel like what you’re getting is either too good of a deal or not good
enough, you are probably right. Don’t be afraid to ask them why they are so cheap compared
to their competitors, or why they’re so expensive conversely. A quality removalist will always
be able to justify their charges. If they aren’t able to do this, you are better off spending your
hard-earned money elsewhere.

Pack Pack Packing
Packing is an arduous task. But it can be made easier if you choose the right packing materials!
It can all be a bit overwhelming – the packing materials world that is – as you are inundated
with such a broad array of options that they will all start to blur together. You start to think:
‘Is there really that much of a difference between packing tape A and packing tape b?!’. Fear
not, you are not alone. An easy way to ensure you choose the right materials is to contact
your closest removalist depot. In most cases they will have quality goods available for you
onsite. In addition, they are more likely to offer goods such as ‘crush paper’ and ‘industrial
strength bubble wrap’ that will be much more durable during your move. In addition moving
boxes purchased from a removals company are more likely to withstand a greater weight and
therefore you will be able to fit more of your items in them!

Assure Insurance
You want your goods to get to you in the same way you left them, right? If you hire a qualified
removals company you shouldn’t be too concerned that your goods will be damaged, even
then it’s always nicer to have that extra layer of safety and pre-caution. That’s why it’s always
good – whether your move is 1000km or 10 minutes – to consider getting transit insurance.
Be wary, as not every removalist will be able to offer insurance, and some that do deliver it in
such a confusing format that you end up not being covered for much at all. The best way to
avoid this potential pitfall is by seeking a removalist who is a part of the Australian Furniture
Removals Association (AFRA). A removals company that is a member of AFRA is one a select
number of removalists that can offer these contracts. These contracts can be catered to your
circumstance and budget, making them highly customisable. Keep an eye out for AFRA
members as not only are their team more expertly trained, but also, they can offer greater
assurance and peace of mind through their Goods in Transit insurance offers.

Don’t Try and Lift That!
That antique television cabinet looks liftable, right? It doesn’t take a specialist to remove
something like that, right. Wrong. Time and time again people injure themselves lifting
furniture during their relocations. The various injuries that results – both long and short term
– can affect your ability to work, play and study. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this: hire
a qualified removalist! Removalists will be experienced in lifting heavier items and they will
be equipped with specific equipment to ensure damage to both your goods and themselves
does not occur. They have particular lifting and removals techniques that help them to avoid
potential injuries – the best kept secrets in the industry!

Avoid the above my mistakes by hiring a qualified removalist. Robina Removals has a capable
and qualified team of staff, who have years of experience in the industry. Be assured that
working with Robina Removals will result in a relaxed and secure relocation

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