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With a fleet of 10 vehicles Robina Removals has your move covered, we offer local removals at both ends of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW and backload twice weekly to Sydney and Melbourne and all towns in between.

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3 Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move

Spring Clean!

Have you ever had the urge to clean that molehill that has turned into a mountain of your belongings, but lacked the motivation to even know where to start? Time and time again people move houses with the intention to start with a clean slate. Organised environment organised mind, right? That is a lot harder said than done though. Culling items – or spring cleaning – can take almost as long to do as the move itself.  Well, moving to a new house is now your motivation! Psychologists have found that cleaning out old belongings can ‘help empathise transition from the past to the future’. Your new abode is your ‘future’ and dragging along old tattered belongings will not help in fostering a clean, fresh, and homely environment.

For some people spring cleaning will come easy. These people are less likely to gain emotional attachments to belongings. It is oh so easy for them to discard of their goods. For others – perhaps those who are more sentimental – emotional attachments may hinder the process. If this is the case it is best to take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book. Think logically as to whether the item ‘sparks joy’ in your life. If it does feel free to keep it. If it does not – and it has been lying about since you moved in – dispose of it. Taking this approach to cleaning will make the process much more streamlined and effective.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

Leaving packing until the last minute is not the best option for anyone. It can take quite a while – as previously mentioned – to declutter your goods. Once you have sorted through your goods the next gargantuan task will be to pack them! Regardless of how much you’re taking with you it can take days months or even weeks! The best way to ensure you’ve given yourself enough time to pack is to create a ‘relocation’ calendar. Putting everything down in writing is a proven way to stay on track and work well within time limits. Set small tasks of packing each week to make the job feel small. That way – when you reach moving day – the task of packing will have seemed like a breeze.

Hire a Reputable Removalist

Moving can be a costly process. By the time you pay for packing materials, any house repairs, and deposits/payments for your new property your pockets can begin to feel a bit bare. So, when it comes to booking a removalist sometimes people think it is the best bet to book the cheapest option. Often these cheaper operators lack the expertise and experience required to keep your goods safe and get them to your new address in tip-top shape. They may say that they can offer some sort of insurance, but this is often only in place to protect themselves. When push comes to shove and your goods are damaged or broken you will be left in the dark.

So how do you avoid these shoddy operators? Well, your best bet is to hire an AFRA member. Members of AFRA – the Australian Furniture Removals Association – are certified to distribute nationally recognized and comprehensive insurance contracts. In addition, they are required to adhere the strict safety and industry regulations to retain their membership. This prestigious membership ensures that the service you are provided is gold class! Robina Removals is an AFRA member with over 30 years of experience moving people and families both locally and interstate.


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Robina Removals is a member of AFRA, an official body of removals experts that helps regulate the removals industry. AFRA accredits only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises & training needed to complete a professional move.

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