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Carbon Tax On Furniture Removals?
30 Jun 2012

Carbon Tax! What a joke.... more mess... more expense... WHY?

Country debt so deep- you cant slug taxpayers directly so what do you do?... you slug them indirectly... Carbon tax on per tonne of carbon produced by the mining companies etc...So what does mud do? It flows down hill girls and boys and we are all hit with all these outrageous costs... Only just got my electricity bill today... up over 30% per kilowatt and up over 300% for call outs to check your meter... What happened there.. did fuel jump to $30 per litre over night?

A call out fee went from around $25.00 per visit to over $70.00 now per visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well stuff me mushrooms.... Next time people might think twice before electing an imcompetent money spending government!!!

News Flash!!! You have to pay it back remember Julia....


Well I can assure all you CUSTOMERS out there... THERE WILL BE NO RATES INCREASE ON OUR PART!